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n.1.A pocket.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mobile paymentssolutions from companies like Nexperts, Poket and Unitronic demonstrated innovations in mobile walletspayment.
Mobile payments solutions from companies like Nexperts, Poket and Unitronic demonstrated innovations in mobile wallets payment.
Other traits are common, such as the vestige of loose connective tissue at the insertion point of the scale, once that adjacent to the scale area inserted on the dermal poket, there is a trace of loose connective and muscular tissues (Langer et al., 2004).
Epileptic seizures induced by animated cartoon, "Poket Monster." Epilepsia, 40(7), 997-1002.
Also due to appear at the August Bank Holiday weekend music fest in Bethesda are Talwrn, Creision Hud, Swnami, Bore Ffa Coffi Pawb, Blaidd, Yr Angen, Voilas, 9Bach, Poket Trez, EmBe and Blaidd.
Restructuring is intended to allow the company to achieve a debt structure which will allow it to continue to develop its products in the healthcare markets with the ValiMed G4 medication safety system and in the security market with its ID2 Meth Scanner and Poket ID2 Meth Scanner.
In transliteration, they include Tirrei Davenant, Roena Futroz, Ort Galeran, Runa Beguem, and Aleksandr Kaur; the fictional towns of Grinlandia have names such as Zurbagan, Gel'-Giu [G'iu], Poket, and Liss.
He also created a special graduating system that integrates the essence of the different martial arts styles (traditional 'Chin Woo', 'Wing Chun', 'Poket' and north 'Shao Lin' leg techniques) so that students can measure their level of mastery and skills at each stage.
A poke--which often had female sexual connotations because of its hollowness--is an old form of the word pocket, and both are related to pouch, from the Middle English poket and Early French pokete.
Clwb Rygbi: Wibidi Poket, TrezDJ's, Acid Casuals, Cyrion, Kim De Bills.