a.1.See Polar.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dehumanization of the Westerner conveyed two polaric mentalities in the Chinese self-reflection.
The first is common, the second polaric, the third particular to herself...
He does not think it goes too far to write about "polaric complementarity" of the sexes, a pivotal idea and oft-repeated phrase in the book (it even rates an entry in the index).
The Ionic ProClean harnesses positive and negative ions and uses them to facilitate loosening of the polaric bonds of plaque, enabling the user to "feel a new clean," the company says.
Mind and nature are dual, or, better, polaric manifestations of one creative power, which Emerson refers to as the universal soul (and occasionally God) in this early work (later it was to achieve its more famous, or notorious, designation of Over-Soul).
The fractions V and VI eluated with strong polaric solvents probably contain tar components.
After almost two years of development, the self-stacking polaric spiral system from Heinen Freezing GmbH is nearly ready to be officially introduced to the market.
Features: 100% UV protection; Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry; fabric case that doubles as a lens cleaner.
Its Polaric Ellipsoid Lens Geometry, which creates minimum distortion at all angles of vision, combined with a pure Plutonite lens material, creates glasses with extraordinary resolution.
An example is the Polaric completely frame-mounted freezer from Heinen of Varel, Germany (Fax: 49-4451-122-122), which was introduced at the fair.