Flagpole sitter

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Flag´pole` sit´ter

    (flăg´pōl` sĭt´tẽr)
n.1.A person who sits for an extended period of time on top of a flagpole or other high column; - a publicity stunt performed for various reasons.
He [Shipwreck Kelly] was the great flagpole sitter of the thirties, the founding father of the whole discipline, who provided inspiration for many and even the pseudonym for one - Van Nolan, who also called himself Shipwreck. Any serious polesitter believes himself an avatar of Shipwreck Kelly, and I was then and am now no exception.
- From: John A. Gould, Aerie (Berkshire Review, Volume XI, Number 1, Spring, 1975).
The two other holy men in Gregory's narrative had more exotic origins than the pair that has just been seen. Gregory encountered one of them when on a journey to the north-eastern parts of the Frankish kingdom. This was a Lombard, named Vulfolaic, who had spent some years in the arduous exercise of being a stylite, the Christian equivalent of a flagpole sitter; in other words, Vulfolaic was a monk whose main austerity consisted in living on top of a pillar. By carrying out this feat in the rain, snow, and frost of the Moselle valley, Vulfolaic had convinced the local population to overthrow and abandon the idol of Diana to which they were addicted.
- Walter Goffart, FOREIGNERS IN THE HISTORIES OF GREGORY OF TOURS (http://www.arts.uwo.ca/florilegium/goffart.html).
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This time it was Haldeman wresting the lead from the pole-sitting Wittmer after three laps, as he looked to secure his first win of the season.
The race was led from start-to-finish by the pole-sitting Turkish driver Ayhancan Gven.
Hamilton did likewise to get past pole-sitting Bottas at the first turn to win in China, and Bottas defended his pole position from Hamilton in his victory at Azerbaijan last round.
The team's first race at Sebring began in bright sunshine and with air temperature of 28 degrees Celcius as Sebastien, in the pole-sitting #8, established himself as race leader from the beginning, with Jose putting pressure on just behind in the second-placed #7.
A battle immediately brewed between the #2 Team Helix Ultra Honda Civic FD, #24 H Racing Honda, pole-sitting #4 SmartFuels2Race Civic, and last year's winner, the #1 Tuason Racing Formula V1 that eventually took the lead in the opening hour.
The pair arrived in Singapore in a similar position a year ago, but the pole-sitting Vettel crashed into Red Bull's Max Verstappen and team mate Kimi Raikkonen soon after the start as Hamilton cruised to victory and never looked back.
From the start of the race, Morio Nitta and Yuichi Nakayama's pole-sitting Lexus RC F GT3 maintained first position and continued to widen its lead over the pack.
These mistakes handed the lead to the pole-sitting No.18 sister Porsche and from there it looked like a relatively straightforward sprint to the flag and the first win of the season for Marc Lieb, Neel Jani and Romain Dumas.
In the earlier GP3 race, Niederhauser started alongside pole-sitting Nick Yelloly of the Status Grand Prix team on the front row of the reversed grid at the Yas Marina Circuit.
The newly crowned king of the Formula 1 circuits, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel scored his seventh consecutive victory and his 11th of the year with considerable ease at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi on Sunday evening, after taking the lead from pole-sitting teammate Mark Webber at the start to win the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.
Concrete walls line the track DRS zones The pits straight and before turn three Tyre allocation Super soft (red) and medium (white) Course winners taking part S Vettel (2), F Alonso Last year Sebastian Vettel took the lead from pole-sitting team-mate Mark Webber at the start.
The German, who started the race behind the pole-sitting car of Mercedes' Nico Rosberg, was followed home by the Lotus-Renault pair of Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean.