Polite expressions

Polite expressions   
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Elizabeth took an opportunity, during this expenditure of polite expressions, to purchase the powder privately of the boy, who bore the generic appellation of Jonathan.
Lecount's persuasive lips murmured a polite expression of sympathy; Mrs.
"Yes," he said, acknowledging Fisher's polite expression of surprise, "I get up before anybody else in the house, I think.
These are only polite expressions to promote relationships and friendships.
In both data sets this type of verbal impoliteness act is expressed through the use of off-record strategies and polite expressions. Despite this, slight differences are appreciated.
It is observable that polite expressions during interaction differ according to backgrounds across countries.
Arabic polite expressions for letters, correspondence If one is planning on writing a formal letter in Arabic, one does not simply just write a letter.
In the first two lessons, the function of the politeness marker and mitigator please, as well as the more polite expressions Could you/I., please, came up recurrently in the books and was reviewed using two handouts.
Naturally, only polite expressions are used and taught.
And these are only some of the more polite expressions that male drivers have been known to use.
These polite expressions might also include the ala particle, as a suggestion 'perhaps' (Ahola 2005 : 45-46).
One of the more annoying mantras which we hear frequently from victims and politicians when a terrible crime has been committed is that "the criminal justice system is not working." A variation--often heard after a trial if the outcome is not to the liking of the victims, their family members, and supporters--is that "the justice system has let us down." Other less polite expressions are sometimes used to convey the same ideas.