Polite expressions

Polite expressions   
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Yes," he said, acknowledging Fisher's polite expression of surprise, "I get up before anybody else in the house, I think.
Arabic polite expressions for letters, correspondence If one is planning on writing a formal letter in Arabic, one does not simply just write a letter.
In the first two lessons, the function of the politeness marker and mitigator please, as well as the more polite expressions Could you/I.
Naturally, only polite expressions are used and taught.
And these are only some of the more polite expressions that male drivers have been known to use.
These polite expressions might also include the ala particle, as a suggestion 'perhaps' (Ahola 2005 : 45-46).
Other less polite expressions are sometimes used to convey the same ideas.
It is true he largely resisted the urge to invoke the memory of the sainted Pierre while on the hustings, or play too heavily on the polite expressions of respect Canadians paid their late former leader.
We would have allowed ourselves polite expressions of sadness and regret, perhaps, but nothing which might be deemed too demonstrative; never, therefore, could we have envisaged the manner in which Diana was actually mourned?
Despite the lack of connected texts, these sentences provide a huge number of examples about a wide range of topics, which include polite expressions, family and autobiographical information, descriptions of body parts and medical problems relating to them, food and its preparation and consumption, clothing, and various activities such as hunting, warring, arguing and flirting.