Political geography

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treats of the different countries into which earth is divided with regard to political and social and institutions and conditions.

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In political geography, an imaginary line between two
If Britain's political geography changes, then the constituencies of the House of Commons need to change too.
The article illustrates the purchase of a combined, topolographical methodology with regard to the political geography of the port of Dar es Salaam.
The minority and Democratic groups seeking changes to the state's political geography are running out of time.
Redaelli, a political geography professor at the Catholic University of Milan, noted that "Regini's family's pain and anger at the government's decision is well understood" pointing out that this decision was "expected and logical.
He reiterated that a look at the political geography of the world will show that Iran has withstood the US pressure over past 38 years.
Dr Sara Maioli Peter Hopkins, Professor of Social and Political Geography "Trumps successful campaign to be elected US President represents a big backwards step in the struggle for gender equality.
They themselves carried out fieldwork there in 1980, 1994, and 1998, and since the middle 1990s, their research in the central Peten lakes region has pursued various aspects of a model of political geography developed by ethnohistorian Grant.
Volatile Political Geography of Oil and Minorities By James M.
whether it is a conflict on the concept of authority, on handing it over or whether it is a regional-global war to change Syria's position on the political geography of the region.
However, that political geography is changing with a revolutionary momentum.
Abu Fidaa, an FSA commander based in Arsal said he was concerned about how the political geography in Lebanon would affect re-settled refuges.