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n.1.A figure consisting of many lines.
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class="MsoNormalThe flamboyant 75-year-old Kiamuangana, who was behind the legendary Veve Production labels that produced great Lingala music in the 1970s and 1980s, is in Kenya courtesy of Tamasha Corporation (formerly Polygram Records).
You learn that Polygram Records paid $330 million for the Motown catalogue.
From there, I went into the music business; production of recordings and one of my early creations were done with Polygram Records. I was doing all these because I'm interested in music and later I worked with Polygram Records as a Staff Producer which in those days was very unusual; to have a Staff Producer in a recording company.
For a number of years while signed to PolyGram records, Steve was blessed to work on the west coast and across this country, on live dates and in the studio, with many of the world's best known artists, producers and choreographers.
Grace Co, to become Hale Mary Fuller Grace, 3M with Goodyear to result in MMM-Good, and Polygram Records, Warner Brothers and Krispy Crackers to form Poly Warner Cracker.
DAVID PHILP, Assistant Professor of Music Management and Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University, sports over twenty years of experience in the entertainment world working for PolyGram Records, the Universal Music Group, New Video (home video distributor of the A&E Network, History Channel and Biography Channel content), The Edge With Jake Sasseville (independent television show), and Greater Media Broadcasting (WDHA and WMTR radio).
In 1987 at the height of the glam metal scene and with new singer Phil Lewis on board they were signed to Polygram records and their self titled debut album went platinum.
Owner Frank Sheahan left his job as a copyright manager with Polygram Records 10 years ago after paying pounds 80,000 for the derelict lighthouse.
Before setting up on his own,Richard worked in London for one of the top names in the business,Bill Amberg Leather Design,and managed projects for retail luminaries like Louis Vuitton, Yves St Laurent and Polygram Records.
Jimmy Devlin, the ex-managing director of Polygram Records, will head up the new operation.
In 1994 the Godfather of Hip-Hop, as he's been called, began to refocus his business away from music and into fashion when he sold 50% of Def Jam Recordings to PolyGram Records. He sold off an additional 10% in 1996.