a.1.Pertaining to, or based upon, many cones.
Polyconic projection
(Map Making) a projection of the earth's surface, or any portion thereof, by which each narrow zone is projected upon a conical surface that touches the sphere along this zone, the conical surface being then unrolled. This projection differs from conic projection in that latter assumes but one cone for the whole map. Polyconic projection is that in use in the United States coast and geodetic survey.
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Measurements of zinc status are often unreliable indicators of clinical status; thus a therapeutic trial of physiological amounts of zinc in the presence of the zinc-binding ligand polyconic acid is one approach to determine its deficit status and clinical efficacy.
The London conference specified that the IMW would use a 1:1 million scale on a simple polyconic projection.
Each coverage was projected using Polyconic Projection and Spheroid Everest geoid system for area estimation of different classes for a particular map.