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Noun1.Polyergus - Amazon ants
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Amazon ant, Polyergus rufescens - small reddish slave-making ant species
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Castracani et al., "Mandible associated glands in queens of the slave-making ant Polyergus rufescens (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)," Insectes Sociaux, vol.
crickets tetramorii Formicinae Camponotus japonicus 8 0 obscuripes 1 0 Formica hayashi 4 0 japonica 17 1 sanguinea 1 0 yessensis 1 0 Lasius capitatus 1 0 flavus 5 0 fuji 3 0 japonicus 40 0 nipponensis 7 0 sakagamii 2 0 spathepus 5 0 orientalis 2 0 umbratus 1 0 Polyrhachis lamellidens 1 0 Polyergus samurai 2 0 Myrmicinae Aphaenogaster japonica 1 0 Myrmica jessensis 1 0 kotokui 1 0 Pristomyrmex punctatus 1 0 Tetramorium tsushimae 79 33 Termites Reticulitermes speratus 1 0 Outside ant 2 0 nest Total 187 34
& LAVINE, B., 2001.- Changes in the cuticular hydrocarbon profile of the slave-maker ant queen, Polyergus breviceps Emery, after killing a Formica host queen (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
Modeling the aggregative behavior of ants of the species polyergus rufescens.
The genera Harpagoxenus, Polyergus, and Formica sanguinea, which are obligate social parasites, were not considered in these analyses, because, as in other "dulotic" social parasites, Harpagoxenus, Polyergus, and F.
So reports Howard topoff, a psychologist at Hunter College in New York City, who has been analyzing the behavior of the western slave-making ant, Polyergus breviceps, in an Arizona mountain desert.
Within the subfamily Formicinae only two genera fit the previous definition of slave-makers: Polyergus and Rossomyrmex [5-7].
Specifically, egg-laying by workers has been found in parasitic species of the genera Chalepoxenus, Epimyrma, Harpagoxenus, Leptothorax, Myrmoxenus, Protomognathus, Formica, and Polyergus. Egg-laying has not been looked for in parasitic species of the genera Aphaenogaster, Myrmica, Tetraponera, Bothriomyrmex, Acanthomyops, Camponotus, Lasius, and Rossomyrmex, but nonparasitic species in the same genus or in the closest related genus have been shown to have fertile workers (Table 1B).
Microdon (s.s.) ruficrus Williston Lepisiota capensis (Mayr) Paramixogaster acantholepidis (Speiser) Polyergus lucidus Mayr Microdon (Chymophila) fulgens (slave: Formica schaufusi Mayr) Wiedemann Polyrhachis lamellidens Smith Microdon (Chymophila) katsurai Maruyama and Hironaga Polyrhachis spec.