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Noun1.Polygalaceae - trees, shrubs, and herbs widely distributed throughout both hemispheresPolygalaceae - trees, shrubs, and herbs widely distributed throughout both hemispheres
rosid dicot family - a family of dicotyledonous plants
Geraniales, order Geraniales - an order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants; see Euphorbiaceae; Geraniaceae; Rutaceae; Malpighiaceae; Simaroubaceae; Meliaceae; Zygophyllaceae; Tropaeolaceae
genus Polygala, Polygala - type genus of the Polygalaceae: milkwort; senega; snakeroot
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(Polygalaceae), known as "raiz-de-cobra" (Portuguese for snakeroot), is widely used to treat snakebites in Brazilian folk medicine.
However, there are thirteen families (Araceae, Araliaceae, Basellaceae, Bromeliaceae, Calyceraceae, Ericaceae, Dennstaedtiaceae, Frankeniaceae, Polygalaceae, Portulacaceae, Ruppiaceae, Schoepfiaceae and Selaginellaceae) that have not yet been collected in the Carabaya.
As familias que apresentaram maior riqueza foram Fabaceae com 31 especies, Cyperaceae (23 ssp.), Poaceae (12 ssp.), Rubiaceae (12 ssp.), Myrtaceae (10 ssp.), Passifloraceae (7 ssp.), Asteraceae (6 ssp.), Malvaceae (5 ssp.), Euphorbiaceae (4 ssp.), Polygalaceae (4 spp.) e Lamiaceae (4 ssp.) (Tabela II).
Lemos et al., "Role of gastric mucus secretion, oxinitrergic system and sulfhydryl groups on the gastroprotection elicited by Polygala cyparissias (Polygalaceae) in mice," Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, vol.
Polygala turcica (Polygalaceae), a new species from E Turkey, and a new identification key to Turkish Polygala.
edulis, and Moutabea cho datiana Huber (Polygalaceae), making species identification unfeasible.
Almeida ex Sanjappa & Prcdeep Polygalaceae Polygala arillata 1 Buchanan-Hamilton ex D.
Otherwise, there are a lot of families with only one species in that area as Aquifoliaceae, Araliaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Cupressaceae, Ericaceae, Hypericaceae, Orobanchaceae, Oxalidaceae, Pinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Polygalaceae, Pyrolaceae, Rhamnaceae, Salicaceae, Saxifragaceae, Taxaceae, Urticaceae and Valerianaceae.
Tenuigenin (42) obtained from the dried root of Polygala tenuifolia (Polygalaceae) [284] is another example of a triterpenoid neuroprotective agent.