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Development from more than one source.

pol′y·ge·net′ic (pŏl′ē-jə-nĕt′ĭk), po·lyg′e·nous (pə-lĭj′ə-nəs) adj.


1. (Geological Science) geology obsolete polygenetic
2. (Biology) biology anthropol having different ancestors
3. (Chemistry) chem obsolete polygenic
4. having multiple origins
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Artificial neural network is an information processing system, it is the use of computer technology in different degree and level of simulation of the human nervous system stimulation (input) transmission of nerve impulses, information processing, and feedback control mechanism, the unknown coefficients for polygenous complex mathematical model.
While this might be expected for a polygenous species like cattle, it is nevertheless surprising that not a single zebu mitochondrial DNA have been so far been identified on the African continent.
The floating and 'shifting' nature of this patria vera (in the manner of a pronoun, shifting its meaning to adapt to its referent) actually becomes more conspicuous with the ingenious trouvaille of Carinthia: a culturally polygenous and ethnically heterogeneous place where a woman like Dora cannot belong except as a subaltern, not a dominant, member.
Such a model illustrates how an effect is typically polygenous, caused by many powers acting with each other, and sometimes against each other.
Not only stemmatic complications and polygenous texts, but also phenomena such as the use of texts as play scripts, make it difficult in numerous ways for us to know exactly what we are looking at when we encounter either a manuscript or an edition of a medieval text.