n.1.Existence in many forms; polymorphism.
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This, first of all, is revealed in formation of renal glomeruluses hypertrophy, renal corpuscles polymorphy and increasing of the size of renal glomerulus and change of the size of proximal convoluted tubule opening.
Poetry's verbal colours (chromata and poikilia) are linked with instability, conflict, polymorphy, and variety.
The placement of species within a section of the genus or its subdivisions is often difficult and illustrates the challenge between a high intra-specific morphological variability and a classification system based on ancient and fragmentary material not representative of species' polymorphy (pers.
The origin of these taxonomic confusions is probably linked to the high polymorphy of the genus as it was likely underestimated at this time.
Rather, it points to a more complex realm of understanding in which meaning exists in the polymorphy and polyphony of multiple perspectives.
The following topics are reviewed: dormancy (facultative, obligatory, winter, summer, drought), seasonal polymorphy (size, color, wing structure), migration, and reproduction (number of generations per year, seasonal timing of growth).
Bauer, 1989, Conceptual Clustering, Categorization, and Polymorphy, Machine Learning 3: 343-372.
There is also an important study of the polymorphy of Christ, which is a feature of several apocryphal Acts but one that is particularly prominent in AJ; this chapter seeks to make a distinction between the metamorphosis of Jesus found in some New Testament narratives, notably the post-Easter stories, and the deliberate appearance of Jesus in differing guises in the New Testament apocryphal writings.
38) In this context, it does not seem surprising that the king's proclamation emphasized the amorphousness of money and the polymorphy of those that produced it or that it produced a powerful association between the two.
The best-documented case of pollen polymorphy in Rubiaceae--i.
Live with all the polymorphy God gave you, body and soul.