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Any of a breed of beige-colored sheep developed in the United States, raised for meat and wool and valued for their hardiness and frequent lambing.

[poly- (from its having been bred from multiple breeds) + pay (from its good return on investment).]
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The Polypay, Icelandic, Dorset and the Finnish Landrace are other breeds occasionally seen on dairy sheep breed lists.
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0.06 to 0.11 (Belggian Texel) 0.07 to 0.08 (Polypay) breeds of sheep were reported by (Al-Shorepy and Notter 1996; Nasholm and Danell 1996; Benjenasne and Kansari 2002; Janssens et al.
[13] used crossbreed wool sheep (Rambouillet x Polypay); in contrast, in this work, crossbreed hair ewes (Pelibuey x Katahdin) were used; this difference may affect Se and [T.sub.3] thermometabolism requirements.
Relation of Age, Body Weight and Morphometric Measures on the Onset of Puberty in Polypay Lambs of the Potosino Highlands
About 130 Suffolk and Polypay ewes were expected to give birth this season.
The estimate of direct heritability for WW (0.29) obtained in the present study is within the range of those published in the literature, which varied from 0.07 in Polypay (Notter, 1997) and Elsenburg Dormer (Van Wyk et al., 2003) to 0.48 in Menz sheep (Gizaw et al., 2007) and it was in agreement with the finding of Rashidi et al.