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Any of a breed of beige-colored sheep developed in the United States, raised for meat and wool and valued for their hardiness and frequent lambing.

[poly- (from its having been bred from multiple breeds) + pay (from its good return on investment).]
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The Polypay, Icelandic, Dorset and the Finnish Landrace are other breeds occasionally seen on dairy sheep breed lists.
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En relacion a la asociacion de la emergencia de la onda folicular y las oscilaciones de FSH durante el ciclo estral (dia cero = ovulacion) en ovejas Polypay, se describio un aumento en las concentraciones plasmaticas de FSH de 2 a 3 dias antes de la emergencia de la onda folicular, a traves del intervalo interovulatorio, presentandose dos eventos aproximadamente cada 4 dias (30).
For example, you might want to use an Oxford ram for muscling, Polypay ewes for multiple births, then cross their lambs with Romney to add length and luster to the fleece.