n.1.(Elec.) A machine generating more than one pressure wave; a multiphaser.
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Smiths Power's brands, PDI, ONYX, PolyPhaser and Transtector Systems, work to Transform, Distribute, Monitor, and Protect power in critical systems and networks, are amongst the leaders in their markets of power management and surge protection solutions.
We work with the industry's leading manufacturers including BridgeWave, DragonWave, Polyphaser, Redline Communications, SAF, ABB Tropos and Trylon plus many others.
In addition to IPMobileNet, the system contains products from Telewave (Duplexor and power monitor), Astron (power supply), Polyphaser (power duplex and rack suppression), Andrew (surge arrestor), Chatsworth Products (racks) and NETGEAR (hubs).
Other Smiths activities in China include Polyphaser, Shanghai, which is part of Smiths Interconnect, and an existing John Crane venture in Tianjin.
The management sees the buy as a fit with two existing Smiths' telecoms businesses, PolyPhaser and Times Microwave Systems.
Several Smiths Interconnect companies including Transtector, PolyPhaser and RadioWaves, are also TESSCO manufacturing partners.
of Newport, RI; L-3 Communications of Salt Lake City, UT; PolyPhaser Corp.
Other Smiths activities in China include a wholly owned PolyPhaser business in Shanghai, which is part of Smiths Interconnect, and a John Crane joint venture in Tianjin.
Heitsch, a proven leader with over 20 years in the field of telecommunications equipment, joined Purcell Systems from Polyphaser Corporation in an effort to expand Purcell's market share of outdoor equipment.
Company: PolyPhaser Corporation Booth: 3434 Media Contact: Pat Heeren Phone: 775.
Company: PolyPhaser Corporation Booth: 7228 Media Contact: Pat Heeren Phone: 775-782-2511 E-mail: info@polyphaser.
It was so impressive that I have made up my mind to lobby my current employer to implement VDF or move to a VDF shop," said Kent Smith, Programmer/Systems Analyst, PolyPhaser Corporation in Minden, Nevada.