Polyporus squamosus

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Noun1.Polyporus squamosus - a fungus with a lateral stalk (when there is a stalk) and a scaly cap that becomes nearly black in maturity; widely distributed in the northern hemisphere
polypore, pore fungus, pore mushroom - woody pore fungi; any fungus of the family Polyporaceae or family Boletaceae having the spore-bearing surface within tubes or pores; the fruiting bodies are usually woody at maturity and persistent
genus Polyporus, Polyporus - type genus of the Polyporaceae; includes important pathogens of e.g. birches and conifers
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fungus Polyporus squamosus which is parasitic and saprobic found on
Meruliaceae), Pleurotus cornucopiae (Pleurotaceae), Polyporus squamosus, Trametes hirsuta and T.
In the course of the research we noticed following pathogens on English oaks which are unusual for them: tinder fungus Fomes fomentarius, dryad's club saddle Polyporus squamosus, dyer's polypore Phaeolus schweinitzii.