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n.1.(Zool.) An African genus of ganoid fishes including the bichir.
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Representative genera of Nilotic fish species in these water bodies are Alestes, Bagrus Barilius, Citharinus, Hydrocynus, Hyperopisus, Labeo, Malapterurus, Mormyrus, polypterus and protopterus [8].
A contribution to the study of the lungs of the Protopterus annectens and Polypterus senegalensis.
Presentan una estructura anatomica similar al intestino, y cumplen funciones similares a los ciegos piloricos de especies como la trucha arcoiris (Oncorhynchus mykiss), lubina rayada (Morone saxatilis), esturion blanco (Acipenser transmontanus), lubina marina (Centropristes striatus), reedfish (Polypterus senegalus) y robin marino (Prionotus carolinus) (Buddington y Diamond, 1987; Halver, 1989).
They conducted this research on a fish called the Polypterus. Found in Africa, the Polypterus can breathe air and move on land, and it closely resembles the ancient fishes that evolved into tetrapods.
extant stem tetrapod Polypterus, a fish that can breathe and "walk" on land.
Each of the scales that cover the long body of Polypterus senegalus is made up of multiple layers.