Polysilicic acid

(Chem.) any one of a series of acids formed by the condensation of two or more molecules of silicic acid, with elimination of water.

See also: Polysilicic

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Most of these minerals are largely insoluble, though low levels of mono- and polysilicic acid invariably found dissolved in the soil solution.
Since aqueous sodium metasilicate solutions normally contain water, which is not compatible with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a modified approach is adopted to extract polysilicic acid derived from aqueous metasilicate solution.
The polysilicic acid particles sizes in the THF solution were investigated using dynamic light scattering measurement.
While the silica was prepared through the polysilicic acid condensation through sodium metasilicate and hydrochloride ion exchanges, the average particle size was about 32 nm for the system without extraction.