Polystichum setiferum

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Noun1.Polystichum setiferum - European shield fern cultivated in many varieties
buckler fern, shield fern - any of various ferns of the genera Dryopteris or Polystichum or Lastreopsis having somewhat shield-shaped coverings on the sori
genus Polystichum, Polystichum - small to medium-sized terrestrial ferns especially holly ferns; in some classification systems placed in Polypodiaceae
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Avoid soils that get dried out by tree roots unless you grow varieties such as Polystichum setiferum. This has soft-looking fronds and a graceful arching habit and copes well with sun or dry shade, but not both extreme conditions together.
POLYSTICHUM SETIFERUM Soft shield fern AN EVERGREEN for deep shade although it also likes partial shade and will tolerate dry, but not bone dry, soil.
Polystichum setiferum Soft shield fern An evergreen for deep shade which also likes partial shade and will tolerate dry, but not bone dry, soil.
Diagnostic taxa: Acer obtusatum, Cystopteris fragilis, Ilex aquifolium, Lonicera etrusca, Polystichum setiferum, Primula acaulis subsp.
Choose evergreen ferns such as the native Hart's Tongue Fern and the soft shield fern Polystichum setiferum.
Surround it with some of the lower-growing evergreen ferns - Polystichum setiferum, with finely cut lacy fronds, or Polypodium vulgare, for a more solid, upright effect.
We grow polystichum setiferum, whose finely cut fronds look wonderful as its new growth emerges.
acrostichoides (Michx.) Schott producen anteridiogenos (Greer & McCarthy 1997), los de Polystichum setiferum (Forssk.) Moore ex Woyn.
Don't panic if you sever one as it will probably regenerate, but do try to avoid doing dry shade, such as hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum setiferum, the soft shield fern and the common polypody Polypode vulgare.
pratense r, Prenanthes purpurea + in 3; Polygonatum multiflorum, Polystichum setiferum and Rubus idaeus subsp.