n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of Foraminifera including those having a manychambered shell.
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An international team of scientists is studying live specimens of a giant, black, mud dwelling worm-like animal - a Kuphus polythalamia - that feeds on sulfur and lives in a shell that looks like a baseball bat.
The most recent taxonomic study from these localities was done by Perejon and Moreno-Eiris (2003), who reported the presence of Archaeocyathus laqueus (Vologdin, 1932), Pycnoidocyathus erbiensis (Zhuravleva, 1955), Polythalamia sp.
The archaeocyathan biodiversity in the Esla nappe is higher because the floatstone lithofacies surrounding the mounds records the presence of Polythalamia sp.