Pomeranian dog

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(Zool.) the loup-loup, or Spitz dog.

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She wore a large picture hat and carried a little Pomeranian dog under her arm.
Murgatroyd looked indeed as if the life had been crushed out of her; she knelt on a chair, gazing piteously from behind the body of a Pomeranian dog which she clasped to her cheek, as if for protection.
The white Pomeranian dog, about three years old, was found abandoned outside the World Market in Chackai, Thiruvananthapuram.
I want my dog back man" - Footballer Daniel Sturridge, pictured, is angry after his Pomeranian dog Lucci was taken from a house in Los Angeles.
The Pomeranian dog's owner took it to a grooming salon earlier in this week where its ears and tail were colored pink.
On June 2, Cady, from Droylsden, Tameside - described as 'beautiful inside and out' - left note asking friends to look after her Pomeranian dog Bella.
Snoopy, a Pomeranian dog died inside the aircraft of an Emirates flight while travelling from Dubai to the Cebu, Philippines on September 1.
Travelodge has revealed that a set of Hermes Tarot cards, a mirrored dressing table and a Pomeranian dog, called Duchess, were among the list of some of the more interesting treasures left behind in Liverpool.
Similar results were also observed by Rani and Suresh (2007) who treated trypanosomiasis in Pomeranian dog with a single dose of diminazene aceturate.
But she has found time to buy a Pomeranian dog which she has named Cristo after Rio's famous Christ the Redeemer statue.