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(Placename) the German name for Pomerania


(ˌpɒm əˈreɪ ni ə, -ˈreɪn yə)

a former province of NE Germany, now mostly in NW Poland. German, Pommern.
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dem Stadtrat von Rev offiziell Mitteilung AaAaAeA ber den Friedensabschluss zu Stettin, dies hatte jedoch bereits frAaAaAeA her vom Herzog von Pommern davon erfahren (Hanse G.
Das Tagebuch der Maria Meinhof: April 1945 bis Marz 1946 in Pommern.
Pommern, a general cargo vessel operated by Graypen carrying steel coils from Spain.
In Pommern, Kujawien und Nordmasowien gibt es in der Spatbronzezeit die fur die Lausitzer Kultur ganz typischen Kegelhalsgefasse, Henkeltopfe, Rauhtopfe und Henkelschalen in der Graberkeramik.
We stayed in a small village called Pommern for three weeks.
The best example of Central European complicated mentality and historical memory is expressed in the orthographic variants of the city: Gdansk, Danczig and Danzig; Pomerania, Pommern (German), Pomorze (Polish), Pomorze or Pomorsko (Kashubian); Lviv (Ukrainian), Lvov (Russian) and Lemberg (German); Kaliningrad (Russian), Krolewiec (Polish), Karaliau?
Only 15 horses have completed the treble in Turf history - although Pommern, Gay Crusader and Gainsborough are not generally recognised as their races were all run at Newmarket during the First World War and all three won a race known as the September Stakes, which was a replacement for the Leger.
Bahram was the 14th colt to win the Triple Crown, but at the time many people counted him as only the 11th, refusing to recognise the wartime feats of Pommern, Gay Crusader and Gainsborough.
48) Thomas Kantzow, Chronik von Pommern in hochdeutscher Mundart, 2 vols, ed.
The heart of India suffers from the same environmental degradation as the Tanzanian village of Pommern mentioned in professor Khe's Jan.