a.1.Having two balls or protuberances at each end; - said of a cross.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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pommette do not record the meaning of fruit (name), but only the name for the cheekbone and a technical term for a traditional craft.
Puyol, a peine remis d'une fracture de la pommette droite, est lui aussitot retourne a l'infirmerie apres une blessure au genou gauche survenue a la 53e.
Go for a pinky blush for a youthful flush (try Lancome Blush Pommette in Rose Candide, pounds 18), or a nude-toned one for a healthy look, such as Max Factor's Pan Sticks, pounds 6.'
Cheeks Bobbi Brown Essentials Blush Stick in Sand Pink, pounds 16.50 (above); Lancome Blush Pommette in Rose Candide, pounds 16.
Au sujet de Koudri, celui-ci a ete opere, hier, avec succes a la pommette. L'intervention a eu lieu a l'hopital Mustapha-Pacha.
Le Teint Ricci Soft Touch Moisturizing Make-up in Nuance Rosee, pounds 21; Lancome Rouge Absolu Creme in Ruby Passion, pounds 13.50; Givenchy Prisme Regard Duo Couture No 61 in Caviar, pounds 23.50; Givenchy Eyebrow Definition Pencil in Brown, pounds 10.50; Lancome Pommette Long Lasting Silky Soft Blush in Rose Candide, pounds 18; Givenchy Eyeshadow Prisme 3 in Topaze, pounds 21; Le Teint Ricci Complexion Perfector in Fair, pounds 15; Givenchy Iridescent Reflective Eyeshadow, pounds 13
STEP THREE: For her cheeks I chose Lancome Pommette cream blusher to give her the rosy glow that all 14 year olds should have.
Opere au niveau de la pommette, apres un telescopage samedi lors du match du championnat contre Sporting Lisbonne, Halliche sera indisponible pour 6 semaines.
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Porcelain Beige, pounds 17; Lancome Ombre Trio in De Gris En Bleu, pounds 18.50 and Pommette Long Lasting Silky Soft Blush in Rose Candide, pounds 17.50; Christian Dior Diorific Mascara in Noir Dramatic, pounds 16; Helena Rubinstein Ritual Rouge Lipstick in Morning Glory, pounds 15
STEP THREE: Linda never wears blusher, but she was persuaded to try a new cream blush that looks natural - Lancome Pommette in Rose 03.
The final touch was to dab Lancome Blush Pommette in Moire on the apple of the cheeks for a warm, dewy look.SKINHannon wanted a look that was classy and sexy at the same time.
Apply Lancome Pommette Rose cream blusher over the apples of the cheeks to create a natural glow of colour.