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 (pŏm-pā′, -pā′ē)
An ancient city of southern Italy southeast of Naples. Founded in the sixth or early fifth century bc, it was a Roman colony by 80 bc and became a prosperous port and resort with many noted villas, temples, theaters, and baths. Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in ad 79. The incredibly well-preserved ruins were rediscovered in 1748 and have been extensively excavated.

Pom·pe′ian, Pom·pei′ian adj. & n.
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nPompej(an)er(in) m(f)
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The young man felt that his fate was sealed: for the rest of his life he would go up every evening between the cast-iron railings of that greenish- yellow doorstep, and pass through a Pompeian vestibule into a hall with a wainscoting of varnished yellow wood.
Key players in the global apple cider vinegar market includes PepsiCo, Inc., The Kraft Heinz Company, GNC Holdings, Inc., White House Foods Company, Carl KE-hne KG (GmbH & Co.), Castelo Alimentos S/A, Pompeian, Inc., Manzana Products Co., Solana Gold Organics, Aspall Cyder Ltd., Nutraceutical Corporation, Eden Foods, Inc., Higher Nature Limited, Vitane Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bragg Live Food Products, Inc., Swanson Health Products, Inc., Mautner Markhof Feinkost GmbH, Viva Naturals, and others.
Among their topics are making meaning of myth: the interpretation of mythological imagery in the Polyxena Sarcophagus and the Kizilbel Tomb and the history of Achaemenid Asia Minor, from Mezntie to Mezentius: the stratigraphy of a myth in Etruria and Rome, distributive narrative: a very short history of juxtaposing myths on Pompeian walls, Gilgamesh and Homer: the missing link, and the transformations of Achilles on late Roman mosaics in the east.
Its public rooms included a relaxing Palm Court, a smoking room in the style of a Bavarian hunting lodge and huge Pompeian marble baths befitting a Roman emperor.
Stannard (2013): "Are Ebusan coins at Pompeii, and the Pompeian pseudo-mint, a sign of intensive contacts with the island of Ebusus?".
Moreover, she is part of the Pompeian repertoire with all the implications of erasure of history and crystallization of traces.
Mouna Aissaoui, chief operating officer for Pompeian Inc., a Baltimore-based brand of olive oil, was honored at the 22ndMaryland International Leadership Awards March 8 at the American Visionary Art Museum for her sustained and exemplary efforts in support ofMaryland's international relations and trade.
The eruption of Vesuvius, the volcano many of them thought was a mountain, only 17 years later in AD 79, both sealed the city's choked inhabitants in a pumice-and-ash time capsule and preserved the wall paintings that scholars have come to identify as examples of the fourth Pompeian style.
"The consumer that buys olive oil buys higher margin items--better cuts of meat, endive, fresh mozzarella and other fresh foods that they want to drizzle with olive oil," says Bill Monroe, president of Pompeian, based in Baltimore.
Even though many of the Pompeian panels where Polyphemus and Galatea appear together in a large landscape may not provide enough visual indicators to conclusively determine their relationship, a number of other images as well as textual references make it clear that Polyphemus' song finally did win Galatea's love.
Merchandising vehicles also could include shelf-strips and signage that list a product's country or region of origin, notes Casey Smith, marketing manager for Pompeian Inc., a Baltimore-based supplier of olive oil and vinegar.
Fredrick came up with the idea for a game design studio while trying to find a way to improve his research on Pompeian houses.