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(ˈpoʊ nəˌpeɪ, ˈpɒn ə-)

former name of Pohnpei.
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Cluster 11 (Oceania): Cook islands northern; Banks, Torres islands; Santa-Cruz islands; Southern Vanuatu; Mangareva; Tokelau; Niue; Rotuma; Truk district; Ifaluk, Lamotrek, Satawan; SE New Guinea Melanesians; Palau; Yap; New Caledonia; Maori, Moriori; Tahiti, Society islands; Hawaii; Samoa; Tuamotu; Cook islands southern; Gilbert, Nauru, Banaba; Tuvalu (Ellice); Marquesas; Tonga; Ulithi, Ngulu; Ponape district; Rennel, Tikopia, Taku, etc.; Marshal Islands; Lengua, Sanapana; Queensland; Atsugevi; Southern Australia; Bushmen; Central Australia; Western Australia; Arnham Land; SE Australia.
Polychaeta) from the Truk Islands, Ponape and Majuro Atoll, with some other new Indo-Pacific records.
MacArthur's forces are hammering the enemy's outposts only 250 miles from the Philippines; while the United States Navy, maintaining mastery in the Central Pacific, is relentlessly attacking Palau, Yap, Ponape, and the Bonin Islands, in its steady advance toward the Philippines, China, and Japan.
Similarly, in a foundational article, Ward Goodenough located the place and significance of 'Kachaw' for the people of Ponape and Truk:
Sailing ship Ponape (28[degree] 41' W, 8[degree] 23' S) At 12 1/2h three great meteors (emitting sparks) in succession.
CAROLINE ISLANDS: Ulithi Atoll: BPBM, 3(13-19), 9 m; Truk: BPBM, 4(14-20), 6-12 m; Kapingamaringi Atoll: CAS 60026, 2(16-16), 0-6 m; Ponape: USNM 223192, 1(18), 0-17 m; Senyavin I.: USNM 298767, 12(9-15), 0-24 m; Palau, Main I.
Public Health Service (1952-1955); and biologist and commissioned officer, Pacific Island Rat Ecology (PIRATE) Project, Pacific Science Board, National Academy of Sciences Research Expedition, Ponape, East Caroline Islands (1955-1957).
Guam, Yap, Truk (= Chuuk), Ponape (= Pohnpei), Taiwan (1973, 1-2 wk each); Yap (1980, 6 mo); Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu, Society, Cook and Fiji Islands (1987 & 2004, 6 mo in total); Cook Islands (2002, 6 wk); and the Hawaiian islands (1995, 1997 & 1998, 3 mo in total).
My 23 years in the Air Force included tours to Australia, Truk Island, Ponape (now Pohnpei) Island, England and temporary duty assignments to Germany, Honduras, Estonia and Alaska, to name a few.
La estacion de Ponape, se localiza a 6 58'N, 158 12' E y a 46 m, tiene datos entre 1941-1991 y 1951-2003, con casi identicos datos en los anos coincidentes, por lo que se han agrupado en una sola serie (Fig.
The possessive classifier construction is exemplified in (10), taken from Mokilese (Micronesian subgroup, Oceanic; Mokil Atoll and Ponape) (Harrison 1976: 129).