Ponce de León

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Ponce de Le·ón

 (pŏns′ də lē′ən, lē-ōn′, pōn′thĕ thĕ lĕ-ōn′, pōn′sĕ), Juan 1460-1521.
Spanish explorer who sailed with Columbus on his second voyage (1493-1494) and who explored and named Florida (1513) while looking for the legendary Fountain of Youth.

Ponce de León

(ˈpɒns də ˈliːən; Spanish ˈpɔnθe ðe leˈɔn)
(Biography) Juan (xwan). ?1460–1521, Spanish explorer. He settled (1509) and governed (1510–12) Puerto Rico and discovered (1513) Florida

Ponce de Le•ón

(ˈpɒns də ˈli ən, ˈpɒn seɪ deɪ liˈoʊn)
Juan, c1460–1521, Spanish explorer.
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Noun1.Ponce de Leon - Spanish explorer who accompanied Columbus on his second trip in 1493; in 1513 he discovered Florida while searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth (1460-1521)
navigator - in earlier times, a person who explored by ship