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n.1.(Physics) A unit of power, being the power obtained from an expenditure of one hundred kilogram-meters of energy per second. One poncelet equals g watts, when g is the value of the acceleration of gravity in centimeters.
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In the movie's execution scene, DMW does cheat just a little: when Poncelet addresses the witnesses with his final statement, he is already strapped to the gurney, which is how it actually happens, but in the movie the guards swivel the gurney so that Poncelet is upright.
5] were selected by artist Jacqui Poncelet, freelance curator Pippa Coles, and Matthew Higgs, cocurator at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts.
Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn) has been sentenced for his part in a double murder in which Walter and Hope, a classically clean cut boy and girl, were accosted while parking in the woods, were led off into a clearing where the girl was raped and repeatedly stabbed, and were ultimately both shot execution-style.
Neither may be the sort of performance set at the emotional pitch of his Oscar-nominated portrayal of condemned man Matthew Poncelet in "Dead Man Walking," while other "Thin Red Line" co-stars such as Jim Caviezel, Nick Nolte and Elias Koteas may steal some thunder.
The harrowing movie tells the story of an American nun who befriends Death Row killer Matthew Poncelet.
The normal ``making of'' Hollywood documentary of this type would line up, as its three key interviews, Sarandon, Robbins and Sean Penn, who plays the convicted killer, Matthew Poncelet, being spiritually advised by Sarandon's Sister Helen Prejean.
Penn is brilliantly cast as Matthew Poncelet, a callous, chisel-faced white-trash bigot, with a nifty wee goatee and more hair than Ted Danson.
But since it's a film, we might better say that it's the story Of Sister Helen (Susan Sarandon, looking well-scrubbed and ingenuous), and how she becomes the spiritual adviser to a man on Louisiana's death row, Matthew Poncelet (Seag Penn, looking goatish and jumpy).
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The European nuclear industry has always made safety its top priority and the industry is committed to the principle of continuous improvement at all its facilities," said Foratom's Director-General, Jean-Pol Poncelet, emphasising the industry's desire to continue participating in discussions and clarifying that "We think that the current proposed safety directive should fix general objectives without describing their detailed implementation".
Jean-Pol Poncelet, the new director general of the European nuclear trade association Foratom, said that the industry must convince the European Commission of the need for contracts typically lasting up to 10 years.