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n.1.(Physics) A unit of power, being the power obtained from an expenditure of one hundred kilogram-meters of energy per second. One poncelet equals g watts, when g is the value of the acceleration of gravity in centimeters.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jean-Pol Poncelet, a former Belgian deputy premier and now an executive at the French nuclear group Areva, finished last, along with Slovenia's Ernest Petric, among five men in a June 9 straw poll.
There were no votes for Jean-Pol Poncelet of Belgium or Ernst Petric of Slovenia.
Ha publicado numerosos articulos en revistas especializadas, es autor de varios libros, entre los que destacan Pensamiento matematico en Galicia, 13 matematicos galegos, Omar Jayyam, poeta y matematico, Fibonacci, el primer matematico medieval, Plucker y Poncelet, dos modos de entender la geometria y ha realizado una traduccion del Compendio del arre del calculo, de Ibn al-Samh.
The letter was delivered to Jin during a visit to Shanghai on Monday by President of the French Senate Christian Poncelet, a spokeswoman for the French Embassy told Kyodo News.
In the 1995 film Susan Sarandon starred opposite Sean Penn, who played killer Matthew Poncelet.
She portrays Sister Helen Prevean, a nun who forms a bond with racist killer Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn, top) as he awaits execution on Death Row.
Robbins cast Sean Penn as murderer Matthew Poncelet - a combination of the two death row prisoners featured in the book - to portray the most unredeemable character possible.
I also vowed to do something about it Sean Penn played Sonnier (renamed Matthew Poncelet) in the 1996 movie.
With Sister Helen's help, Poncelet obtains an attorney who will plead his case before the clemency board and the governor.