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Noun1.Gerridae - mojarras
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
mojarra - small silvery schooling fishes with protrusible mouths found in warm coastal waters
genus Gerres, Gerres - type genus of the Gerreidae
Eucinostomus, genus Eucinostomus - a genus of Gerreidae
2.Gerridae - an arthropod family that includes water striders
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
pond-skater, water skater, water strider - long-legged bug that skims about on the surface of water
genus Gerris, Gerris - type genus of the Gerrididae
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Gerridae is the scientific family name given to pond striders or pond skaters. It's also a song about her passage to adulthood.
Water striders or pond skaters use their front legs to catch prey, their middle legs to paddle and their back legs to steer.
It's exciting to watch pond skaters, water lice (like long-legged underwater woodlice), freshwater shrimps, and if you're lucky, a few damselflies darting around the water in a small pond.
"The pond skaters are amazing too, it's just awesome they can walk on water."
Children brought in snails, tadpoles and pond skaters to start the pool off.
The Big Pond Dip results, published by Pond Conservation, show that two thirds of ponds had breeding dragonflies and damselflies, and three quarters of them contained water snails, pond skaters and water beetles.
Filling the trug largely with pebbles makes them a safe option for young children and they should still prove attractive to aquatic insects such as water boatmen and pond skaters.
Frogs, toads, dragonflies, pond skaters and various beetles will appear, provided there are pond plants that will offer shelter and food.
Pond skaters can walk on water because of thick, waterproof hairs on their feet, allowing them to skim over the surface looking for floating food.