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n.1.(Glass Making) An iron rod used by glass makers for manipulating the hot glass; - called also, puntil, puntel, punty, and ponty. See Fascet.
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But now, my Faustus, that thou mayst perceive What Rome contains for to delight thine eyes, Know that this city stands upon seven hills That underprop the groundwork of the same: Just through the midst runs flowing Tiber's stream, With winding banks that cut it in two parts; Over the which two stately bridges lean, That make safe passage to each part of Rome: Upon the bridge call'd Ponte Angelo Erected is a castle passing strong, Where thou shalt see such store of ordnance, As that the double cannons, forg'd of brass, Do match the number of the days contain'd Within the compass of one complete year; Beside the gates, and high pyramides, That Julius Caesar brought from Africa.
Here, take him to your charge, And bear him straight to Ponte Angelo, And in the strongest tower enclose him fast.
Ponte alle Grazie--particularly interesting, mentioned by Dante.
Composers Mozart and Salieri are the subject of Rimsky-Korsakov's opera of that name, but Mozart librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte gets one all to himself in Tarik O'Regan and John Caird's The Phoenix.
Although originally a much more dense development, for Ponte it was important to get the Residents "much more integrated into the Urban Fabric of Chicago," which she explains meant much closer to the city's public parks and transportation.
ON A CLEAR NIGHT in the spring of 2017, Rob Ponte found himself in the middle of a forest in Massachusetts, chained at his wrists and ankles.
Contract notice: Zeb contone - locarno raddoppio del binario ponte ticino - ponte verzasca
Before he worked for the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs or represented the city's most expensive listings, before he even closed on his first rental, Stan Ponte came to New York to be an actor.
Ponte is one of my favorite fabrics--it's super stable and easy to sew--but I wanted to dress it up a little with some high-end texture and metallic tones.
THE DOT AUSTRIAN APPLE GRUNER VELTLINER 2016 (PS11.99, Chesters Wine, Abergavenny, Cobbles, Ogmore, This is Beer, Porthcawl, Celtic Wines, Viader Vintners, Cardiff, and Al Ponte Food & Wine) has a little spritz with delicate pear across the nose and a whoosh of freshness from the green apple tones.
Nos confins do Brasil, no Estado do Amapa e num improvavel territorio frances--a Guiana -, a ideia de uma ponte entre duas margens germinou nas cabecas dos homens de poder, ferrenhos de simbolos politicos.