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Pontormo, datee du XVIe et restaure en 2010 dans le laboratoire du musee.De salle en salle, le visiteur voit l'evolution des grandes ecoles d'art a travers les oeuvres de leurs fondateurs, le classicisme d'Antoine-Jean Gros, l'impressionnisme de Claude Monnet auteur d'une des oeuvres majeures du musee, "Les rochers de Belle-Ile" (1886) ou encore les courants des symbolistes et des fauvistes.
1), loaned by the Louvre, a heroic, agonised figure--to some degree comparable with studies by the somewhat older Pontormo rather than with any of his immediate Venetian contemporaries--which demonstrates his brilliance at working from life.
Jacopo Carucci, known as Pontormo (1494--1557), was the leading painter in mid sixteenth-century Florence and one of the most original and extraordinary Mannerist artists.
This is the catalogue and companion to an exhibition of the work of Italian painter Jacopo da Pontormo (1494-1557), focusing on his Visitation and the relationship between the finished painting and his single extant study for it.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned Pontormo RMBS S.r.l.
(1) A striking example affecting the art world was the decision by James Tomilson Hill III to seek an additional 8 million [pounds sterling] above the price at which he had previously been willing to sell Jacopo Pontormo's Portrait of a Young Man in a Red Cap, because of the fall of sterling after he had purchased the painting in 2015: 'Billionaire Abandons Sale of Old Master to National Gallery after Fall in Sterling', The Times, 7 Feb.
filled with the alien angels created by Pontormo, their magenta
Florentine painter Jacopo Pontormo, who took his surname from the village of his birth, was considered second only to Michelangelo among his 16th century peers.