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A scoop for picking up and removing the feces of a dog or other pet.

[From poop + scoop.]


a device used to remove dogs' excrement from public areas
[C20: poop4 + -er1 + scooper]


(ˈpu pərˌsku pər)

a scoop used to pick up the feces of a dog or other pet from a street or sidewalk.


[ˈpuːpəˌskuːpəʳ] poop-scoop [ˈpuːpskuːp] Ncaca-can m
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Public space protection orders were rolled out in Gateshead in March in a crackdown on charity chuggers and socalled boy racers, as well as dog walkers caught without 'poop scoop' bags.
I now owned my own poop scoop, No longer needing to bend or stoop, My aching back now has relief, That I have been blessed, is my belief.
and then there is the little leather bag to clip to your belt to take the offering home, the poop scoop for those that cannot handle the little warm bundle, and so it goes on.
They have also handed out thousands of "poop scoop" bags while telling owners how to keep their streets and green spaces clean.
Did he poop scoop? And secondly, it's just hilarious parenting.
But he insisted wardens must take a tough stance on poop scoop dodgers.
Mr Partridge said: "We did stop and speak to several dog owners who had (poop scoop) bags and one even quite rightly said you can get the bags for nothing from the libraries, and there are plenty of bins around the lake to put it in.
Last week they waved 'poop scoop' bags at dog walkers in a bid to get their message across.
Q LIKE most of my dog- owning neighbours, if my dog does anything on her walk, I poop scoop and clear it up.
New York's poop scoop law; dogs, the dirt, and due process.
The project at Oak Tree Heath nature reserve is being launched as part of National Poop Scoop week.