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n. Derogatory
An establishment maintained at public expense as housing for the homeless.


(ˈpʊəˌhaʊs; ˈpɔː-)
(Historical Terms) (formerly) a publicly maintained institution offering accommodation to the poor



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
(formerly) an institution for paupers maintained at public expense.
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Noun1.poorhouse - an establishment maintained at public expense in order to provide housing for the poor and homeless
establishment - a public or private structure (business or governmental or educational) including buildings and equipment for business or residence
workhouse - a poorhouse where able-bodied poor are compelled to labor


[ˈpʊəhaʊs] N (poorhouses (pl)) [ˈpʊəhaʊzɪz]asilo m de los pobres
References in classic literature ?
It was a terrible moment for me, because I knew that in his opinion I had chosen a path in life, which if it did not lead to the Poor House was at least no way to the White House.
Far away," continued the statue in a low musical voice, "far away in a little street there is a poor house.
Sir," says Cluny, "in this poor house of mine I would have you to ken that any gentleman may follow his pleasure.
A stranger entering his own poor house at about ten o'clock P.
Clare; Mas'r's been too good; but, Mas'r, I'd rather have poor clothes, poor house, poor everything, and have 'em mine, than have the best, and have 'em any man's else,--I had so, Mas'r; I think it's natur, Mas'r.
And yet,'' said he, recollecting himself, ``as I would not spare my own old and disabled limbs in the good cause of Old England, so Malkin must e'en run her hazard on the same venture; and it may be they will think our poor house worthy of some munificent guerdon or, it may be, they will send the old Prior a pacing nag.
It's on'y the poor houses now as a packman calls on, if it isn't for the sake o' the sarvant-maids.
A despicable emotional state this, against which solitude fortifies a superior character; and with severe exultation the Professor thought of the refuge of his room, with its padlocked cupboard, lost in a wilderness of poor houses, the hermitage of the perfect anarchist.
BACKING Scotland in recent qualifying campaigns has been the quick way to the poor house.
The workhouse or poor house looms large on the horizon.
When George I, also elector of Hanover, visited the area, he took a keen interest in the boy, who had been cared for in a poor house and then a hospice, and invited him to dinner.
Over the years backing the fit girl in tennis has been the quickest way to the poor house if you rule out putting money on a white sprinter - which most of us do.