Poorly off

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not well off; not rich.

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But she thought it was in the order of nature that people who were poorly off should be snubbed.
Would the little wench ever be poorly off, and Tom rather hard upon her?
Great undertakings come poorly off with paltry means.
As he spoke he went up to Ulysses and saluted him with his right hand; "Good day to you, father stranger," said he, "you seem to be very poorly off now, but I hope you will have better times by and by.
You are not that poorly off, you can't afford something you want, even if it's a tragic waste.
On an evening when France failed on the pitch, it was a cruel twist of fate to see it end poorly off it too.
These two women felt badly let down over how much money they made - they were left financially very poorly off.
The ban is being replaced by steeper fines, which may deter already poorly off middle-class parents from considering such vacations.
Of course, it is no secret as to how poorly off we are with regard to the readiness of our armed forces.
United's display at Liverpool emphasised just how poorly off Newcastle are up front.
He could not have been more impressive when clocking an excellent time in the Chesham at Ascot in June, then ran poorly off a two-month break on softish ground at Newbury in August.
It can be used as a primary therapy in treatment-naive patients who are very poorly off and have advanced osteoporosis with multiple prior fractures," Dr.