Pope Joan

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a game at cards played on a round board with compartments.

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The lethargic youth contrived without any additional rousing to set out two card-tables; the one for Pope Joan, and the other for whist.
"Nay," quoth Will Scarlet, laughing, "so far as that goeth, I know of a certain friar that, couldst thou but get on the soft side of him, would do thy business even though Pope Joan herself stood forth to ban him.
At 11 my father told me the legend of Pope Joan, and I loved how she hid her her-ness in plain sight.
Rihaiaia was obviously always going to fashion herself as a new Pope Joan, but her papal miter was no less of a-gonzo, over-the-top power move for being foreseeable.
Our best discussions seem to be around books that feature religion or spirituality, such as the fictional Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk-Cross and The Shack by William P.
However, most modern scholars dismiss Pope Joan as medieval legend, as Pope Joan does not fit into any Papal timeline.
I suggest that all members of the feminist organization Gabriela watch the movie "Pope Joan" to inspire them further in their cause, so one day there may be another female pope like Johannes Anglicus.
afraid to broach, albeit briefly, (and dismiss as fact) the legend of Pope Joan (131-32).
vvch f Tontine (1822, Election - Pope Joan, by Waxy).
Norwich does not shy away from the controversial popes of the early centuries, including the possibility of a female pope (alternately known as Pope Joan or Agnes) in the first century, and Pope John XII who was the exemplar of debauchery.