n.1.A puppet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The inclusion of "popet" (a rarely used alternative spelling of puppet) would clearly be incorrect.
THE RENAISSANCE SOCIETY * April 28-June 23 * Curated by Susanne Ghez * William Popet's first solo exhibition in Chicago since moving to the city takes its title from science fiction writer Gene Wolfe's 1974 short story "Forlesen." Much like Wolfe's allegorical, nested narrative in which a lifetime of negotiating a corporate bureaucracy occurs in a single day, Pope" constructs his own labyrinthine exhibition space within the gallery: Drawings hang on successively larger walls, which together form a spaceship-like or phallic shape.
Popet Vved (O) 1.84 [+ or -] 0.05 * Stachys betoniciflora Rupr (F) 1.9 [+ or -] 0.18 * Ziziphora pedicillate Parii et Vved (St) 1.73 [+ or -] 0.1 * Spiraea pilosa Franch (O) 1.93 [+ or -] 0.05 * Acroptilon repens (R) 1.65 [+ or -] 0.12 * Solonum nigra h.
Partridge] and Kir made to see the popet sho." But it also reflected the gender balance of the spa town's laborers.
WHILE Kelly Clarkson was ecstatic after her double win at the Grammys, the poor popet was down about splitting from her fella.
Meanwhile, popets made of twigs were used by people who practiced witchcraft, similar to how a voodoo doll would be used.