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 (pŏp′sĭ-kəl, -sĭk′əl)
A trademark for a colored, flavored ice confection with one or two flat sticks for a handle.
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trademark US and Canadian an ice lolly
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(ˈpɒp sɪ kəl, -ˌsɪk əl)
a brand of flavored ice on a stick.
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Noun1.Popsicle - ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stickpopsicle - ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick; "in England a popsicle is called an ice lolly"
frozen dessert - any of various desserts prepared by freezing
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glace à l’eau
sladoled na štapiću
kem que


® [ˈpɒpsɪkl] N (US) → polo m (Sp), paleta f (helada) (LAm)
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n (US) → Eis ntam Stiel
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® [ˈpɒpsɪkl] n (Am) → ghiacciolo
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آيْسِ كْرِيـمْ nanuk sodavandsis Eis am Stiel γρανίτα paleta de helado, polo mehujää glace à l’eau sladoled na štapiću ghiacciolo アイスキャンディー 아이스캔디 waterijsje ispinne lody na patyku gelado com pauzinho, picolé мороженое на палочке isglass ไอติมรสผลไม้ çubuk buz kem que 冰棒
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* Pour the mixture into Popsicle molds and freeze until it begins to set, about 1 hour.
Other pictures show her enjoying in the World of Fruit Watermelon popsicle cart and having a watermelon popsicle in another picture.
Summary: Enjoy falafel popsicle made with a secret recipe hummus served with homemade pita puffs
To help you cool off, we raided supermarkets and convenience stores and tried every popsicle, drumstick and ice cream bar we could find so we can tell you which ones are good.
"Tweetums, can I taste your popsicle?" Tita Hilda, my mother's youngest sister, asked.
Visit La Mexicana, a combination "paleteria" (popsicle shop) and "neveria" (ice cream shop) located in a small strip mall on north U.S.
That is why Nguy ended up spending an hour one Sunday morning gluing together popsicle stick frames with a group of other APHA 2018 volunteers.
The authors provide a warning to readers: "Beware of the soul-sucking force of reasonableness." The Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles did this, for example, by creating the Popsicle Hotline.
The idea was to allow them to figure out a way in which popsicle sticks could be set together to form a catapult.
Harp began thinking he could combine his love of popsicles with a new way to earn a living, and in the course of following this dream he became founder of Gadson, Ala.-based Frios Gourmet Pops, a high-end organic popsicle company.
Mid-day Snack : A popsicle made with coconut water and blueberries or a strawberry yoghurt popsicle.