Popular action

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(Law) an action in which any person may sue for penalty imposed by statute.
- Blackstone.

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2 ASSASSIN'S CREED (2016) THE popular action adventure video game was given the big screen treatment, with Michael Fassbender playing a convicted killer linked to a machine connecting him to the memories of his long-dead ancestor Aguilar - a member of the mysterious Assassins Brotherhood.
The students, since start of the popular action on February 22, have held demonstrations every Tuesday demanding dismissal of influential figures who were close to Bouteflika during his 20-year rule.
Abdullah Abu Rahme, the director general of the Popular Action Department in the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, said that this area comes under daily attacks by the settlers protected by the Israeli soldiers, stressing that the track they took was to emphasize their attachment to the land and to support the Palestinian residents of that area.
* Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob joins Jim and Scott to unlock the secrets of two popular action shooting sports.
The dozens of previously released shows and movies in YouTube Premium, such as the first season of popular action comedy "Cobra Kai," will remain behind the paywall, the company said.
"All those rights were won by popular action by people, by trade unions and political parties coming together and demanding them."
The popular Action JRPG is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.
Some 20 years ago, when it was known only as the Internet, social media, though limited in use by the elite who had access, was a strong and potent weapon for mobilizing direct popular action. They put their causes on email and text messages and the public would act on them.
At the moment, Khan is busy shooting Race 3 , the third instalment of the popular action franchise Race .
NEW RELEASES: Among this week's major game launches is Sony's (SNE) "God of War," the eighth installment of the popular action series, which will roll out on April 20 exclusively on PlayStation 4 consoles.
Katie McGrath would like to cast a popular action star for the role of Lex Luthor on "Supergirl."
While in private litigation the Scots imposed standing limits--or what the Court of Session referred to as title and interest to sue--they also permitted individuals to bring an actio popularis, or popular action, in certain circumstances.