Populus balsamifera

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Noun1.Populus balsamifera - poplar of northeastern North America with broad heart-shaped leavesPopulus balsamifera - poplar of northeastern North America with broad heart-shaped leaves
poplar tree, poplar - any of numerous trees of north temperate regions having light soft wood and flowers borne in catkins
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Factors affecting the distribution of Populus balsamifera on the North Slope of Alaska, U.
Alaska paper birch Betula neoalaskana, balsam poplar Populus balsamifera, quaking aspen Populus tremuloides, and eastern larch Larix laricina grading into shrub communities at higher elevations and included active floodplains of large rivers.
T glandulosa Screwbean Prosopis pubescens T Mulberry, White Morus alba T Olive, European Olea europaea T Pagoda tree, Japanese Sophora japonica T Paloverde Blue Cercidium floridum T Little leaf Cercidium microphyllum T Mexican Parkinsonia aculeata T Pine Aleppo Pinus halepensis T Digger Pinus sabiniana T Italian stone Pinus pinea T Japanese black Pinus thunbergii T Pinyon Pinus cembroides T Pistache, Chinese Pistacia chinensis T Poplar Balm-of-Gilead Populus balsamifera T Bolleana Populus alba var.
The concentrations of two chemicals that are breakdown products of phenolic glycosides were highest in juvenile Populus balsamifera (Reichardt et al.