a.1.(Geol.) Baked like potter's lay; - applied to clay shales that have been converted by heat into a substance resembling porcelain.
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Two-thirds of the exterior walls, or about 50,000 sq ft, are porcelainized steel panels laminated over a 3/4-in.
The draw quality and enameling iron are just as they come off of a coil and are welded, formed, and typically powder coated or porcelainized, according to Derdowski.
The vividly colored porcelainized metal (from mint green to cobalt) and bright chromework used by such manufacturers as Chambers, O'Keefe & Merritt, Magic Chef, Wedge-wood, and Roper make these stoves resemble the automobiles of their era.
M-Series panel-type heaters have either hard-coated aluminum or porcelainized steel face.
Most bathrooms incorporate too many building materials - for example, a wood vanity, a tile counter with an enameled sink, wallpapered or painted wallboard, vinyl flooring, tiled wainscoting or tub surround, plastic shower curtains, and a porcelainized toilet and tub.
Dual fuel, convection, self-cleaning oven, infrared broiler, bread proofing, porcelainized grates and burner caps.
Grates and tops have porcelainized finishes for easier cleaning, and some stoves offer sealed burners, so boil-over messes don't run beneath the cooking surface.
New M-Series have either hard-coated aluminum or porcelainized steel face; similar to G-Series but with greater durability.
Most fireboxes are fabricated from stainless or porcelainized steel; those made from aluminum are notably thicker and heavier than the ones on less expensive grills.