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Noun1.Porcellio - Old World genus of isopod crustaceansPorcellio - Old World genus of isopod crustaceans
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
sow bug - terrestrial isopod having an oval segmented body (a shape like a sow)
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Porcellio, Partner, Bond Schoeneck & Kind; Chair of the Federal-State Judicial Advisory Counsel
These include one Decapoda (Pagurus villosus Nicolet, 1849), two Amphipoda (Orchestia gayi Nicolet, 1849, Orchestoidea tuberculata Nicolet, 1849), four Isopoda (Oniscus armatus Nicolet, 1849, Porcellio liliputanus Nicolet, 1849, Sphaeroma propinqua Nicolet, 1849, S.
Toxicity of abamectin to the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber (Isopoda, Crustacea) Ecotoxicology 19: 917927.
(2007) observed that exposure to mercury altered the bacterial community in the gut of a terrestrial isopod (Porcellio scaber); and Liebert et al.
Bioaccumulation in Porcellio scaber (Crustacea Isopoda) as a measure of the EDTA remediation efficiency of metal-polluted soil.
Similar body adjustments were observed with the isopod Porcellio dilatatus, with reduction of consumption rates when exposed to high doses of endosulfan, significant effects on their other feeding parameters (food assimilation rates and efficiency), and finally inhibition of their growth [33].
Iacono's "Epic and Encomiastic Strategy in Porcellio de' Pandoni's De proelio apud Troiam," in turn, focuses on an unpublished poem that turns out to be a representative example of panegyrical epic in the Virgilian tradition.
(5) To the pope's own words can be added those verbal celebrations, in both prose and poetry, offered by his humanist retainers, Giannantonio Campano (June 1462, 1468?, before 1474), Flavio Biondo (September 1462), Porcellio Pandoni (1464?), and Lodrisio Crivelli (February 1464), as well as the miscellaneous writings of papal associates such as the Cardinals Giacomo Ammannati and Francesco Gonzaga, whose own staff also left helpful correspondence.
Phagocytosis mediates specificity in the immune defence of an invertebrate, the woodlouse Porcellio scaber (Crustacea: Isopoda).