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The accrued debts account for state spending on everything from roads, schools, state employee salaries, and even a pork-barrel project or two.
He said it recalls the national controversy over the "bridge to nowhere," a $400 million pork-barrel project in Alaska that Congress considered funding in 2005.
The commentary expresses support for the White River Navigation Project, a $30 million pork-barrel project that has farmers, hunters, fishermen and business leaders from across the state united in opposition.
Suppose, for example, that a politician obtains a dam or bridge or other pork-barrel project for the citizens in his or her district.
Congress loves passing continuing resolutions, which don't have their names attached to them, because that's where they can all hide their favorite pork-barrel projects.
Kada was criticizing the old-style politics of the LDP, which still appears to be interested in pork-barrel projects for groups that support it such as farmers and contractors.
Tracing how Banharn acquired and maintained provincial power and legitimacy, Nishizaki questions the dominant urban image of a rural electorate prey to local strongmen who rise to power through violence, electoral fraud, patronage and pork-barrel projects.
That experience tells--the pages capture with scathing indictment the overblown rhetoric, the cloying tedium, the self-serving pomposity of small-minded career politicos whose floor debates center on securing funding for pork-barrel projects and insinuations about the private lives of political adversaries, while pressing issues--an imploding economy, environmental mismanagement, a floundering healthcare policy--go unaddressed.
As a centrist Democrat, he took on powerful committee chairs and leaders of his own party, rejecting their most prized pork-barrel projects in the name of fiscal discipline.