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Noun1.Porphyra - a genus of protoctistPorphyra - a genus of protoctist    
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
Bangiaceae, family Bangiaceae - a family of protoctist
red laver, laver - edible red seaweeds
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verrucosa 7 Salmo salar Laminaria japonica 8 Seriola quinqueradiata Macrocystis pyrifera 9 Sparus aurata Porphyra umbilicalis 10 Takifugu rubripes Saccharina latissima 11 Thunnus orientalis Ulva lactuca 12 U.
Caloric profiles of the seaweeds (energy offered by macromolecules such as carbohydrates, fat and protein) were similar to those reported by Admassu, Abera, Abraha, Yang, & Zhao (2018) for the commercial edible seaweed Porphyra spp.; in the case of Ecuadorian seaweeds, the major caloric contribution is due to the carbohydrate content.
[20.] Mencher FM, Spencer RB, Woessner JW, Katase SJ, Barclay DK (1983) Growth of nori (Porphyra tenera) in an experimental OTEC-aquaculture system in Hawaii.
During the classic era it was well known for its shipbuilders and also for the production of porphyra, a very important red dye.
Porphyra is present in the Chinese Materia Medica as a treatment for Beri-Beri and infections of the urinary system.
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