Porphyritic granite

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granite containing feldspar in distinct crystals.

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According to the geological map [21] and field observations, the three profiles are crossing two mica porphyritic granites, porphyritic granite, embrechites gneisses, and schists.
Geological mapping and detailed petrography suggest that the Dinsi area is principally occupied by medium-grained porphyritic granite and quartz monzonite which covers the western part of the outcrop area.
Prominent rock units include granite gneiss, migmatites, schist/ quartz schist, porphyritic granite, fine-medium grained granite and charnockite.
For many people passing through Fitchburg, the most striking feature of the city is the Rollstone Boulder, an enormous 100-ton chunk of porphyritic granite that once crowned Rollstone Hill.
The porphyritic granite of the study area is moderate to coarse grain and crossed by the Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Tinggi faults [12].
Porphyritic granite mined from a series of quarries near the picturesque hamlet of Vermilion Bay has made its way around the world for uses ranging from small grave markers to entire building facades for structures in Japan, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and its biggest market, the U.S.
1) consists of five granite types: wiborgite, pyterlite, even-grained granite, porphyry aplite, and porphyritic granite, of which wiborgite is the most common granite type (see also Simonen 1987) (Fig.
1 and 2) is composed of fine-grained equigranular granite (GRI), aplitic to porphyritic granite (GRII), and fine- to medium-grained equigranular granite (GRIII), although locally porphyritic and pegmatitc varieties of GRIII are also present (Rooiman et al.
In the first case study the material was porphyritic granite and the study area was located in the eastern part of the Central Finland Granitoid Complex (CFGC) in southeastern Finland (Fig.
G1 and G2 are samples from the Megacrystic Granite which is a distinctive porphyritic granite comprising large (15-80 mm) pink megacrysts of K-feldspar (~15-20%) set in a coarse-grained (2 5 mm) groundmass of plagioclase (-44%), quartz (~22%), K-feldspar (~3 8%), biotite (~7-10%), and hornblende (~1-5%) with accessory titanite, allanite, apatite, zircon, and opaque minerals.
ascent of Errigal, porphyritic granites, the silent glen, new
Prospecting work indicates that these anomalies can be linked to porphyritic granites that have higher U and Th contents than the surrounding units (Quirion 1999).