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n.1.A composition of quicksilver, tin, and sulphur, forming a yellow powder, sometimes used by mediæval artists, for the sake of economy, instead of gold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Franco Porporino, Jr.
"Due to the nature of our work, we understand the importance of road safety," says Dominic Porporino, vice-president of operations for UPS Canada.
Frank Porporino, Ph.D., is a senior partner with T3 Associates Training and Consulting Inc.
Prison inmates have been identified as an at-risk population for having poor psychological health because of the distress associated with incarceration (Toch, 1977; Zamble & Porporino, 1988).
Produced by Michael Landon Jr., Peter Moss, Andrew Porporino. Executive producers, Forrest S.
Finally, a 1992 study (Porporino and Robinson in Gordon) shows that federal offenders were tracked for a year after release to determine the effects of education upon recidivism.
There have been several reviews of evaluations of the R&R program (Allen, Mackenzie, & Hickman, 2001; Pearson, Lipton, Cleland, & Yee, 2002; Robinson & Porporino, 2001; Ross & Ross, 1995c).
Todo ello permite analizar la experiencia del encarcelamiento desde una perspectiva psicosocial (Zamble & Porporino, 1990; Gutierrez, 1997; Martinez-Taboada & Arnoso, 1999), desde a) los efectos psicologicos --cognicion, emociones, sexualidad-- del encarcelamiento, b) el clima social en prision, o c) la cultura formal e informal de este tipo de establecimientos.
So when the irascible Father Porporino tries to bring in an outside interior-decorating firm to remodel the church, the parish sees to it that The House of "B" gets the commission.