Port Salut

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Port Sa·lut

 (pôr′ să-lo͞o′, -lü′) also Port du Sa·lut (də)
A mild, semisoft cow's milk cheese with an orange rind, made originally by Trappist monks in France.

[After Notre Dame de Port-du-Salut, a Trappist abbey in northwest France.]
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Sparkling white sand, coconut palm trees, and blue ocean waters make Port Salut the perfect escape.
DESTRUCTION: A girl walks in Port Salut, Haiti, on October 12, following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.
When we visited the tiny fishing village of Port Salut on the island's south-west coast, we found a community struggling to cope.
One man died as the storm crashed through his home in the nearby beach town of Port Salut, Haiti's civil protection service said.
What type of food is Port Salut? had a UK number one hit with Never Gonna Give You Up in 1987?
Returning to base, we bought local produce including rillettes de porc (similar to pate), Port Salut and Saint Paulin cheeses, plus crusty baguettes.
Port Salut (Dh20/100g) -- perfect texture and balanced taste -- an easy to eat cheese
If you feel daring, you can build your own macaroni and cheese (or grilled cheese sandwich) by selecting from four pastas, four cheeses (Irish cheddar, smoked gouda, Port Salut or Swiss gruyere) and fillings that included diced ham, asparagus, mushrooms, tomato and basil pesto.
For consumers craving Old World sophistication, The Mediterranean Collection is comprised of tangy Spanish Tipsy Goat, French Port Salut and Italian Piave.
Two hours south of Chardonnieres, the next closest library is in the coastal town of Port Salut, population 28,000, where dozens of fishermen leave the sandy beaches at the crack of dawn to cast their nets.
James Kort was presented with the accolade for his Port Salut cheese and caramelised rhubarb sandwich.