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(ˈpɔː səˈluː; French pɔrsaly)
(Cookery) a mild semihard whole-milk cheese of a round flat shape. Also called: Port du Salut
[C19: named after the Trappist monastery at Port du Salut in NW France where it was first made]

Port Sa•lut

(ˌpɔr səˈlu, ˌpoʊr-; Fr. pɔr saˈlü)

a yellow semisoft cheese, esp. that made at the monastery of Port du Salut in W France.
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Swiss teams have set up drinking-water distribution systems helping 3,000 people per day in and around Port-Salut.
At the same time, 5,000 tarpaulins acquired from the neighbouring Dominican Republic have been sent to Port-Salut for use as temporary roofing while homes are being rebuilt.
Oxfam workers have now reached their village, Port-Salut.
Mayenne is particularly good for cheese - whether it's the creamy local goats cheese, Babybel (made in [ETH]vron) or Port-Salut (Mayenne), you are bound to find one you like.
Mayenne is particularly good for cheese - whether it's the creamy local goats cheese, Babybel (made in evron) or Port-Salut (Mayenne), you are bound to find at least one you like.
Achim Steiner said at the inauguration of the program in Port-Salut, southern Haiti;
He keeps a mini-library - including Jenkins' 548-page book - with him as he works, never knowing when someone suddenly might want to know about Boerenkaas - a Dutch cheese also called Farmer's Gouda, incidentally, aged in its own golden rind instead of being encapsulated in red wax like many other goudas - or maybe Trappiste d'Oelenberg, a Port-Salut from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, near the German border.
Port-Salut cheese is one of the few lucky products that have earned a special place as part of France's eating culture, with a history spanning almost two centuries.
It all started in 1816, just after the French revolution when Trappist monks at the abbey of Notre Dame du Port-Salut in Entrammes (western France) invented a new recipe for their cheese.
is closely linked to that of its biggest best-seller, Port-Salut cheese.
Company (a sister company of the Bel Group) sells Port-Salut in more than 60 countries, as well as a wide range of Brie and other traditional cheeses from France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal where Bel has manufacturing facilities.
Did you know that the famous Port-Salut cheese available from S.