Portable steam engine

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a steam engine combined with, and attached to, a boiler which is mounted on wheels so as to admit of easy transportation; - used for driving machinery in the field, as thrashing machines, draining pumps, etc.

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Case became an early player in early road-building efforts in the US when it rolled out the industry's first portable steam engine in 1869, and subsequently launched the industry's first factory-integrated tractor loader backhoe in 1957.
The 50ft-tall ride, built in 1914, is driven by a Clayton & Shuttleworth portable steam engine.
The Marshall Portable Steam Engine, built in Gainsborough in 1890, was put up for auction at a steam rally held in Hanbury, near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire over the weekend.
Jim Andrew, collections manager at the Discovery Centre with the Ruston Proctor portable steam engine
Travis Wibben, New Hartford, Iowa, bought his machinist-built portable steam engine in May 2017.
The 1892 Ruston Proctor portable steam engine, which was used for the Elan Valley reservoir scheme, will also be on display.
Archambault of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built what is said to be the first portable steam engine in the U.S.
In 1869, the first Case portable steam engine was produced, followed in 1878 by the first Case traction engine.
Sure enough, there it sat, a 10 hp Gaar-Scott portable steam engine, probably dating to the 1870s.
A portable steam engine belted to the double windlass was sited at the field's edge and each end of the rope was attached to one of the two windlasses.
The image depicts the Canton Monitor portable steam engine and Miller's vibrating thresher.

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