portal circulation

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por·tal cir·cu·la·tion

n. circulación portal, curso por el cual la sangre entra al hígado por la vena porta y sale por la vena hepática.
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In conclusion, CVAE can occur secondary to bowel necrosis and the retrograde air flow from the portal venous system to the systemic and cerebral venous circulation.
Although the pathogenesis of PVST following splenectomy is still controversial, it is generally agreed that it is related to blood hypercoagulability [6], hemodynamic changes of the portal venous system [13], local vascular pathological changes [6], and irrational use of coagulants [14], and so forth.
Bacteria cause either direct invasion or translocation into the portal venous system.
In this preliminary clinical experience, color doppler sonography appears to be a reliable technique for not only evaluating the patency of the portal venous system but also characterization of the thrombus.
Immediate decompression of the portal venous system was evidenced by markedly reduced external abdominal wall varices when closing the abdomen.
Colour Doppler ultrasound flow patterns in the portal venous system British Journal of Radiology.
The portal venous system may be affected in a person with liver disease (Ignatavicius, 2010).
Because the liver has contact with the gastrointestinal tract via the portal venous system, intestinal tract bacteria may enter the liver via translocation across the intestinal mucosa into the portal venous system.