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n (Brit) → Mobiltoilette f
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The Andes Portable Folding Outdoor Camping Toilet merely comprises a seat, bucket and stand but at [pounds sterling]14.99, it's a good alternative for those on a budget who don't want to wait too long in the portaloo queues.
At the time, Michael Eavis said: "There will be a huge demand for Portaloo toilets in London, so everyone will push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive.
CONTRACTORS are having to clean up raw sewage after a spate of portaloo tipping incidents.
How can I manage that, plus all I already drink, and still lead an active life without towing a portaloo on the back of the car?
Receptionist Amanda Penberthy, 52, and her daughter Jade, 25, sparked a "battle of Portaloo" fight at the music festival as they queued to use the toilets.
I am reliably informed that 61 people now inhabit it, and there is one Portaloo provided.
Every year it pours down all day when you see the first crane or portaloo!" Brian Dunn: "At least all the rivers are fully flowing again, two weeks ago they were almost predicting drought conditions."
Movie director Guy Ritchie loved the stunning Quiraing on Skye so much that he had a portaloo carried four miles across country so he could film there.
Footage from the incident - which included demonstrators trying to use a portaloo as a weapon against cops - was shown to the jury.
The Portakabin Group offers a series of market-leading modular building brands including Portakabin, Portaloo, Yorkon and Konstructa, which all now benefit from the independent accreditation.