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The capital of Benin, in the southeast part of the country on an inlet of the Bight of Benin. Probably founded in the 1500s, it was settled as a slave-trading center by the Portuguese in the 1600s.
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Du reste du monde, y figurent egalement les villes de Porto-Novo (Benin), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), KE-tahya (Turquie), Limoges (France), Barcelos (Portugal), Carrare (Italie), Gabrovo (Bulgarie), Baguio (Philippines), Chiangmai (Thailande), Sheki (Azerbaidjan), JoEuo Pessoa (Bresil) et Chordeleg (Equateur).
Le scenario de ce court metrage de 21 minutes tourne en 16 mm et realise par les Senegalais Mamadou Sarr et Paulin Soumanou Vieyra (ne a Porto-Novo de mere dahomeenne et de pere bresilien) etait le produit des discussions du [beaucoup moins que] Groupe africain de cinema [beaucoup plus grand que] cree en 1952.
Of which African country is Porto-Novo the capital?
The project focuses on two components: - the component "Conservation and sustainable use of gallery forests" covers 13 communes in the lower Oum valley, namely Zagnanado, Zogbodomey, Ouinhi, Ktou, Adja-Our, Akpro-Missrt, , Bonou, Agugus, Sm-Kpodji, Dangbo, Porto-Novo for the flood control component.
Un minaret en ceramique qui ressemble a un clocher d'eglise, des murs multicolores, une immense porte en bois sculptee : la Grande Mosquee de Porto-Novo est un des joyaux de l'architecture afro-bresilienne, mais comme le reste de la capitale du Benin, elle menace de s'effondrer.
Ainsi, pendant la colonisation, l'administration coloniale s'est appliquee demanteler les royautes d'Abomey et de Porto-Novo, en divisant le premier royaume cite en cantons et en nommant leur tete des princes, apres avoir deporte le dernier roi elu selon la coutume et pour le second, en nommant tout simplement comme roi le pretendant au trone qui, dans la lutte que se faisaient les Europeens pour acquerir des territoires africains, avaient pris le parti des Francais au detriment des Anglais.
In a meeting between Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian and Beninese Foreign Minister Nasirou Bako, the two officials called for advanced relations between Tehran and Porto-Novo in various economic, cultural, scientific and political domains.
The Ambassador made the remark during his meeting with a delegation of the Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage, the embassy in Porto-Novo said in a statement received by KUNA on Thursday.
Another batch of young people from ECOWAS Member States will receive their certificates on 16 December, 2014, after the successful completion of their one-month intensive training at the Songhai Centre, Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, according to an ECOWAS Commission press statement, received here by PANA.
PORTO-NOVO (TAP) - resigned as interim president of the Central African Republic on Friday after months of sectarian violence, has sought exile in Benin, according to Chadian and Beninese officials.
Speaking to Today's Zaman in an exclusive interview, Kerekou spoke of the ties between Turkey and Benin, and said that although relations between Ankara and Porto-Novo began in 1961 after Benin's independence, the alliance between the two is still fresh and they have been trying to strengthen economic relations as there is so much to be done in this field.