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 (pôr′tə-bĕl′ō) or por·ta·bel·la (-bĕl′ə) or por·to·bel·la (-bĕl′ə)
n. pl. por·to·bel·los or por·ta·bel·las
A mature, dark-brown form of the common cultivated mushroom (Agaricus bisporus).

[Origin unknown.]
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n, pl -los
(Plants) a large flat-capped edible mushroom
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The entrees were followed by a Munro's of Beauly 28-days matured rump steak with Portobello mushroom, tomato, onion rings and chunky chips, and a slow-cooked Munro's of Dingwall lamp rump with potatoes, leeks and a pea and mint fricassee.
You can also order other items including French toast style biscuits, bennies and sides including onion rings, dirty fries and Portobello mushroom fries.
Sliced Portobello mushroom, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh rosemary and garlic oil on a creamy bechamel base, finished with truffle oil.
Passengers can also order a full English on a traditional pizza base, while pizza purists can opt for more conventional toppings such as quattro formaggi; salami, portobello mushroom, fennel and chilli; and roasted aubergine, sunblush tomato, red onions, peppers, mushroom and feta.
With more than 100 eye-appealing, innovative recipes perfectly portioned for singles, "Vegan for One" proves that cooking and eating alone can be both pleasurable and gratifying with dishes ranging from Sweet Cinnamon Baked Tortilla Chips; Taco Salad; Portobello Mushroom Burgers; and Indian-Style Millet; to Tuscan Tempeh with Onion and Bell Pepper; Nut Butter Cookies; Tropical Chia Pudding Parfait; and Fruit Galette for One.
The French-infused menu is composed of a hearty selection of Parisian dishes such as Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Ricotta and Asparagus, Veal and Spinach Ravioli in Ragout Jus, and Eton Mess with Raspberries prepared by Executive Chef Wafi Halimi to celebrate the occasion.
For starters there's a choice between chicken liver pate, soup of the day and stuffed portobello mushroom while the mains includes minted minced lamb burger and a wild mushroom risotto among the five dishes listed.
The menu at Burger Pit will feature a selection of burgers, including options made with beef patties, chicken and a vegetarian Portobello mushroom recipe.
Ham and portobello mushroom pizza Ready in 1 hour, serves 4.
Slightly more sinful but a delightfully grand affair nonetheless, its made of a giant Portobello mushroom grilled and stuffed between two organic multigrain buns with rocket leaves, garlic mayonnaise, red onion marmalade, gherkins and some mouthwatering molten gruyere cheese.