Portrait bust

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a bust or statue representing the actual features or person of an individual; - in distinction from an ideal bust or statue.

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The university does possess a striking work by one of Britain's greatest sculptors, Sir Jacob Epstein - a portrait bust of obstetrics professor and medical pioneer Dame Hilda Lloyd.
Her office, which overlooks the Michelangelo-designed dome of St Peter's Basilica, was filled with family pictures, a framed photograph of Francis, and the portrait bust of another predecessor: sculptor Antonio Canova, the first director of the papal museums.
I defy you not to feel better after viewing this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo alongside his portrait bust," wrote one Twitter user, Tom Sutcliffe (@tds153).
Like the monster's brutally severed head, the portrait bust detaches the head from the body, albeit replacing the gore with a focus on the elegance and verisimilitude of the depiction.
Tenders are invited for Ar And Mo To H M Bungalow During 2016 17 Sh Supply And Installation Of Portrait Bust Of Late Sh Lal Bahadur Shashtri At 1 Moti Lal Nehru Place New Delhi
There have been some major acquisitions in recent years (notably of sculpture, such as Thomas Banks's portrait bust of Anthony Addington), the Center still being able to acquire at the top end of the market (other than in the field of paintings).
Give them time to make one or two sketches as if they were doing a study for a portrait bust, i.
Among others, she made a portrait bust of the Austrian author Thomas Bernhard.
The grand staircase inevitably creates the expectation of a powerful architectural presence at the summit, but instead one encounters the trees and grass and the inclined, tapered terrace's tunnel-vision effect, which simply emphasizes the weakness of the vista's termination by the alcove with the portrait bust.
ONE YEAR AFTER THE STARS was published in 1952, one of Rey's friends, sculptor Robert Berks, visited Albert Einstein to design a bronze portrait bust.
London, Sep 1 ( ANI ): The British House of Commons' Works of Art Committee is reportedly planning for a portrait bust of former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, which would placed in the UK Parliament Members' Lobby representing the Prime Ministers of the 20th century.
AINTREE have revealed they have commissioned a bronze portrait bust of Ginger McCain to stand overlooking the parade ring to commemorate the National hero.